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Willlin Rosario renews contract with 2017 season with Hanwha Eagles !!

Colorado eagle Willin Rosario (27) has joined the Hanwha Eagles in the 2017 season. Rosario, who seemed to be returning to the major leagues, renewed his contract with the Hanwha Eagles.

The annual salary is $ 1.5 million (1.7 billion) !! It was $ 200,000 more than last season. It is more than double the cost of other teams for other foreign players. I think it's the amount that reflects the experience and performance of the major leagues.

In the 2016 season, Rosario recorded 127 games, 492 hits, 158 hits, 33 homers and 120 batting average of 321, and announced the value of his ability. At the beginning of the season, the prospects of the experts were strong, but they were expected to struggle because of their sophistication and weaknesses. In fact, such predictions seemed to fit, but after hearing advice from hitting coaches and fronts, he showed off a major leaguer hit in response to Korean baseball.

Dominican's distinctive personality and positive mind have been loved by the team and their teammates and become Hanwha's favorite foreign player.

I wanted to challenge the major leagues again based on the success in the kbo league, but I do not know why the contract went away over time. There is a difference in the amount of money, and of course I expect that my doctor will be most important. It is possible that the fact that he is still a young player, and that he can play as a baseball player while acknowledging his value, has also played a role in the renewal of the Hanwha Eagles. I think it's better for me that there is no guarantee that the major leagues will continue to play in the game with Major League Baseball.

I think the non-season of the Hanwha Eagles dreaming of a new leap is well prepared. It does not seem like a big investment in the last two years, but it seems to be keeping the team well with existing players. I would like to see the Hanwha Eagles of 2017, where the experience of the last two years in the supervision system of Kim Sung-Keun has exerted further matured. And I would like to see Rosario also playing a big role ~ ♡

I support the game of honey!

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