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'Supervising agent' Ki-hyung, promoted to Incheon United as a real manager!

Incheon United, who settled in the K-League Classic after a relegation crisis, announced a new coach. Fortunately, in the sub-split competition of Incheon, he appointed the manager of the 'Supervising Agency' Lee Ki-Hyung (42), who finished the 10th season well. The contract period is two years, and it seems to have recognized the merit of letting Incheon stay in the classics.

On September 10, with the name of the coach, he started a 1: 0 victory against FC Seoul and recorded 6 wins, 3 losses and 1 loss in 10 games. Although it was a place to act as a supervisor who did not know what to expect in the future, I think that the fact that I was breathing and motivating like a player in a difficult situation was a great advantage.

Incheon was quick to announce the next coach, which is a different form of coaching from director Kim Do Hoon. Kim Doo-hoon made a 1 + 1 contract with Incheon United in 2015, but he finished seventh in the league and finished the FA final. However, in the 2016 season, the club has delayed an extension contract with manager Kim Doo - hoon. These points came out as a result of the league, and there were a lot of regrets because it became the director's hardness.

I think the reason why Incheon FC decided quickly on the decision of Lee Ki-Hyung's decision was decided not to commit the same mistake as the 2016 season in 2017. As a substitute manager of Ki-Hyung, Incheon Soccer played only 10 matches. It is next season that I wonder how the real coach Lee Ki-Hyung of Incheon football will develop and progress in the future.

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