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Park Byung-ho To Minnesota - Competition is inevitable.

KBO was the principal player to hit 50 grand slams for the second back to back year, 

Park Byeong-ho's MLB post-victor, who has been perceived by everybody as a delegate of Korea now, 

As you probably are aware, it was the Minnesota Twins. 

When I heard the name of the main posting champ, it was a group that was out of the desire for some individuals 

Many reacted that they were astounded. 

The victor of the KBO grand slam, Park Byung-ho's posting was the Minnesota Twins, who paid $ 12.55 million. 

Specifically, Ichiro Suzuki, the second-positioned Asian player, posted a posting of $ 12.85 million, 

I was astounded by the way that I composed it in the Minnesota Twins. 

It was significantly more so because Park Byeong-ho's a respectable starting point, and named warrior, was the group's establishment star, Joe Mauer. 


Establishment star of Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer. He began his profession as a catcher, yet now he is the first baseman and an assigned hitter. 

Notwithstanding, if you know within the game, you can comprehend a bit, since the MVP grant in 2009, the evaluations are progressively going downhill 

From 2014, in spite of being in the first baseman and assigned hitter without an excursion to catcher, 

I feel that the Minnesota Twins have not been the reason for Park's posting. 

Specifically, the 2016 grand slam batting normal of .265 with 10 homers and 66 RBIs is a first baseman/assigned hitter with a yearly compensation of $ 23 million. 

It very well may be said that it is excessively customary, and it isn't great to consider pay. 


Minnesota appears to have been forceful posting with incredible expectation for Park Byeong-ho's unadulterated power. 

Be that as it may, Joe Mauer's situation in the group isn't falling even though he has recorded this record. 

Minnesota's batting force isn't that great, as it has been the main spot in the group in batting normal, most hits, and on-base rate. 

Particularly, Torii Hunter, who had a major influence in assaulting and guarding this season, has resigned and the requirement for enrolling hitters has expanded. 

Considering every one of these focuses, Park Byeong-ho's transition to Minnesota is fundamentally the same as a year ago's Kang Jeong-ho, where desires and tension exist together. 

It is progressively disadvantageous that there is an established star who gains a significant pay similarly situated. 

Establishment star of significant pay in the same position. This is a major weight for Park Byeong-ho due to his business-arranged MLB group. 

A lot of fans know, yet a player who gets a significant compensation, regardless of whether the outcome is beneath desires 

It is extremely uncommon to be rejected from long haul interest. Particularly for MLB, which has a solid business side. 

So Park Byeong-ho's opposition will be more troublesome than Kang Jeong-ho. 

On the off chance that Park Byeong-ho can escape the respectable starting point/third-base hitter and the third baseman is accessible, there will be different situations 

By and by, there are a lot of troubles contrasted with Kang Jeong-ho, who had the option to burrow the respectable halfway point, pitch, and third base. 

The eventual fate of Minnesota. Miguel Sano. 

The desire that Park's safeguard position won't be constrained to the respectable starting point is somewhat clear in the act of outfielder Miguel Sano, who is right now in the third base. 

Miguel Sano, who has had a medical procedure on Tommy John medical procedure, has played 68 games (the 80s, 9s, and 2s) 

Park is ideal for the position he needs to enter. Moreover, he has 18 grand slams and 52 RBIs in 80 games, 

I can say I got an unmistakable spot. The news that Miguel Sano has as of late rehearsed outfield preparing is for Park Byeong-ho's position 

You can likewise see some traffic game plans. 

In light of the posting measure of $ 12.85 million, Park Byeong-ho's pay is relied upon to below. 

Considering this, Park needs to demonstrate his ability from the earliest starting point of the period in Minnesota and have his spot immovably. 

Park Byeong-ho has a constrained position and there is a solid adversary there, contrasted with Kang Jeong-ho, who has expanded his opportunity to play with the infield utility. 

In any case, given the low posting measure of $ 12.55 million, the pay is probably going to be higher than that of Kang Jung-ho 

Normally, it is a solid opponent, yet now it will certainly compare to a newcomer in administration opportunity to arrive in the subsequent year. 

That is for what reason I'm looking at changing positions to utilize Park Byung Ho + Jo Mauer + Miguel Sano. 

Pivot and once again into the Twins. 

There is no certification that Minnesota and Park Byung-ho will most likely succeed, 

There are likewise Auckland and Iwakumi Hisashi (obviously Iwakuma was requesting too high a compensation as of now) 

Be that as it may, Minnesota, who is hoping to overhaul his lineup notwithstanding drowsy help for pitching power, might want to sign an agreement with no trouble. 

Park Byung-ho will challenge MLB to arrange with great assessment and treatment. 

There will be a great deal of rivalry in front of them. Contenders are hanging tight for you. 

Notwithstanding, I trust that you will demonstrate that you are not mixed up in your assessment of yourself with the power perceived by numerous scouts and groups. 

That is actually what each baseball fan in my nation needs.

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