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Major league players are not easy to play on the WBC because of money?

Being a national representative is a great honor for me personally. Regardless of which sport you play, it is very difficult and difficult for you to play a game on behalf of your country. If you turn your eyes to domestic sports, many players wish to play the Taegeuk mark once in a lifetime.

Popular sports are attracting much public attention. I can say that I am a major league baseball player in South Korea who has recently played a good role in Korean players. The major leagues are playing a lot of players with various nationalities. In addition to major leagues, it promotes various leagues including minor leagues, university leagues, and independent leagues, allowing many players to play baseball in a good environment.

Soccer has a World Cup and has settled for a long time as a worldwide festival every four years. However, baseball is still only popular in some countries in Asia with North America and professional baseball teams. So the competition that was made to promote the globalization of baseball is the title of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) World Baseball Classic. The method of participating in the tournament is to conduct the tournament on the mainboard through group preliminaries in each country. Since 2006, the third tournament has been held. There are lots of memorable events for the Korean team, so there is a lot of interest from Korean fans in the WBC competition.

The WBC competition is promoted, so star players who are representative of the country must participate in the game and feel the fun watching the game. However, the players who play in the major leagues are nationally ranked players, and the news and the news that the tournament is unclear ahead of the WBC tournament are hurting the feelings of baseball fans waiting for the WBC tournament. Why is it that there is news that fans of the hats will be able to turn their hopes on even if they promote the contest with good articles or news?

It is a non-cooperative attitude of major league clubs. If the player who is a member of his team gets injured due to a contest, he will not be able to play well in the league. If he can not use the player with the expensive ransom, he will not score the team. Efficiency ... falling ... and so on. If the player is a commodity of the team and he can give the salary to the decision to raise the profit, he can not compensate his country if he is wrong due to his participation in the tournament. I think it is a restriction on the extraction. In the end, it's about money. It's real American business logic.

Will the European football team spend a lot of money cooperating with the players in the World Cup? It is not a comparable part of the Major League club. The World Cup and the WBC are similar in that they are focused on globalizing soccer and baseball, but the beginning stages and intentions of the competition are different. For example, the World Cup serves as an opportunity to find new star players in the form of a showcase of players and to raise their ransom, but the WBC has already teamed up with a number of star players who have already earned a lot of salaries, I think there is little reason to compete in the competition. I also had a lot of trial and error, but I grew up with trial and error. The WBC also wants to grow by complementing these problems one by one.

The competition is over. The players, staff, and federations are making a lot of effort to organize teams even though the players are not cooperating. I will finish my posting with the desire to see the major league star players who support each other and play baseball in a national uniform.

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