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Harry Cain's Special Collection!

Today's Harry Kane!
I think it is the hottest new person regardless of whether it is on or off.

Harry Cain's Special Collection!

Currently co-ranked with Diego Costa in the EPL standings

Given Costa's injury, Harry Kane's name will rise to No. 1 sooner or later.

Wayne Rooney, who was also responsible for the attack on England,

I have been attracting attention as timber after the autumn.

Harry Cain's Special Collection!

Harry Cain's growth is poisonous.

I am from Tottenham Youth, and I am suffering from a bad experience while renting from the second or third division,

Every time he grew steadily with a high score, he finally made his team last year in Tottenham

I made my debut in EPL and created a three-game series of goals and other issues.

Also, a few days ago, in Lithuania, the national team made a goal in just 80 seconds of substitution

It is not so much a Tottenham prospect, it is called "England's hope".

Harry Cain's Special Collection!

Now, only 21 years old, there is still plenty of room to grow

Harry Kane has already been praised by the English legends such as Alan Shearer.

One of the reasons is the score, too.

Recently, EPL is moving to strengthen the transfer rules for the growth of players in the country.

In the meantime, the percentage of English players in the EPL has gone down to 30%.

And the EPL scorer from England has been a foreign player for 15 years.

Harry Cain's Special Collection!

How happy are the English players at the top of the scoring in the middle of the game?

Harry Kane is one of the reasons for the high expectations.

Can he get his name on the EPL scorer this season and impress his fans around the world?

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