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Foreign exchange all over !! Incheon United team up with a new team !!

Incheon United is the team that survived the K-League Classic hardest in 2016.

I am relieved that I have survived the classics in the process of becoming a manager during the season, but on the other hand, it is said that I left a lot of homework from the club. In particular, there are foreign athletes in all pro sports in Korea as well as K League clubs. It's a good idea to choose a player because it is a big part of the power.

He moved to Osaka, Croatia's young defender Yonichi (26), who has won two consecutive awards in the K-League best defender for 71 seasons in two seasons. It's a pain in the club to leave a good player, but drawing a new director, a new season is a necessary choice.

Parting is always a pain in the heart ...

Belgian striker Kevin (33), who stepped into the Korean soil for the first time in 2012, is also moving toward Incheon at the end of this season. I have played in the Chinese league for a while but I can not see Kevin playing in the K - League so I think the inconvenience of Incheon fans is bigger. I have a sense of security rather than a bullpen score, and I was highly rated as a good player who scored points and assisted attack points with a play that saved my colleagues. Other Vietnamese players, including Tsu Jun, also moved to Gangwon FC, and the remaining foreign players are likely to find their way.

It takes a lot of time and money to select foreign players. We support the efforts and movements of Incheon United, preparing for the 2017 season even with a lot of trouble. I'm already looking forward to seeing some new players shine up next season's K-League Classic ^^

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