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Carlos Tevez Goal Special!

Currently heading for Serie A
Carlos Tevez.

Carlos Tevez Goal Special!

Juventus, who currently has an overwhelming record in Serie A,

I can not even talk about Carlos Tevez.

Only 173cm tall, the sensible First Touch and the amazing speed that instantly pierces

I can say that football is also an Argentine player.

Carlos Tevez Goal Special!

In fact, there is no doubt that Carlos Tevez is capable, but he is playing against many leagues.

Only the team I remember are Boca Juniors - West Ham - Manchester United - Manchester City - Juventus ... in this order.

Most of the memories that the Korean fans remember are the days of Manchester United, who also played against Rooney - Park Ji - sung.

Carlos Tevez-Wayne Rooney's combination proved to be a great power. Unfortunately, he was disappointed in the provision (because both are taller ...)

But I like those days too. (Park Ji Sung - Carlos Tevez - Patrice Evra,

Carlos Tevez Goal Special!

Carlos Tevez always has a lot of friction with the club, so some people might remember it as a bad image.

In Juventus this time, I do not look like that and I think I get better grades.

Carlos Tevez Goal Special!

Tevez always has a lot of ability in various positions, but I still remember the league scoring king

I hope this season will be a winner of both the scorer and the league.

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